Calm Your Knits





haha i love this!!! i am a princess, my best friend is pocahantas, my lover is PETER PAN!, i live in beasts castle, blocked by hades, and have 2 children:P

i am a mermaid, my best friend is ariel, my lover is flynn rider (WOO) i live in agrabah, cockblocked by maleficent,  and 1 kid (: 

I am a fairy, my best friend is Aurora, my lover is Aladdin I live in Atlantica and I’m cockblocked by Gaston. However I still am able to have one kid.

This makes no since at all. 

Perhaps I am a water fairy?

Why is Gaston under water?

well at least I married a sweet little street rat <333

Mermaid, best friends with Belle, lover is Prince Naveen (Aaaaaaw yeah!) living in New Orleans (SWAMP MERMAID) cockblocked by Jafar and 2 kids. For now.

I’m a fairy, my best friend is Tiana, my lover is Prince Philip, I live in New Orleans, cockblocked by Hades, and I have 3 kids. Not too shabby.

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    You Are: Mermaid Best Friend: Jasmine Hercules Where you will live: Prince Eric’s Castle Cockblocked by: Ursula Number...
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    I am: A Fairy (flying bitches) Best Friend: Belle (we met at a harry potter fan club) Peter Pan (….um…..) Where you...
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    I am a: Mermaid Best friend: Pocahontas Aladdin Where I live: Atlantica Cockblocked by: Maleficent Number of children: 4
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    I am a: Fairy Best friend: Mulan Lover: Prince Naveen Where I live: Neverland Cockblocked by: Gaston Number of Children:...
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